104 S. Broad Street, Saint Jo, TX 76265

Trophy Ridge Whitetails

Having been a professional wildlife management consultant for more than 30 years, we finally decided to practice what we had been preaching. In 2003 we high fenced about 800 acres of our Saint Jo ranch and designed a state of the art A.I. facility and breeding pens. Initially we bought does from many of the top breeders in Texas and inseminated them with semen from superior bucks with proven “pass-down” genetics. Our primary selection criterion has been trophy quality antlers at an early age (minimum 220” by age 3); many have exceeded this by age 2. Our final product then is a trophy buck that can be released at age 3, and make a significant genetic contribution to pasture deer herds in Texas.

569 Redman Road, Saint Jo, TX 76265
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